Group and private classes are offered for adults and children 4.5 years and older. It is highly recommended for children who plan to be shishyas to start with group classes. Children tend to learn more in a group setting than as a solo artiste until  they have  studied the art for many years. Additionally, a group setting stimulates a sense of give and take,  and share and care in learning and understadning the arts.

Practical classes: All students begin with practical classes. These classes focus  on  the foundational aduvus (steps) to help build  vocabulary for natya movements.

Repertory classes: Once students have undergone rigorous training in practical classes with  good amount of understanding of the adavus, classes are offered towards the expansion of repertoire. This is done for both solo performance pieces as well as group pieces/productions.There is also direction and emphasis  scholukatu (rhythmic dance language) for better understanding of rhythm.

Theory classes: Theory is essential to further enhance knowledge of the art, and ultimately enrich the performance. A portion of every class is used to study theory.

Music education, specifically Carnatic Sangeetam (classical music system of South India) is strongly encouraged, as music and dance go hand in hand.

The study of literature and Hindu mythology is also highly encouraged to elevate the level of learning and exploration within the Bharathanaatyam discipline.

All these elements combined, elevate ones practice, performance and self. Sampoorna Yogam Idham Naatyam; the most complete form of yoga is Naatya. Only in Naatya does one experience physical, mental and spiritual unification.