Academy of Natya and Sangeetha

Albuquerque, NM


Natyakalanjali is a premier academy of Bharathanatyam (Indian Dance) and Carnatic (South Indian vocal) in Albuquerque with branches in Little Rock, AR, and Trivandrum, India. Natyakalanjali focuses on traditional ways of imparting the Indian arts. The academy is dedicated to the preservation and propagation of Bharathanatyam and Carnatic Vocal. While “Natya”  translates into dance, “Kala” implies arts and “Anjali” signifies the offering of the two combined; Natyakalanjalai holds high the missions of Natya and Sangeetha as an offering of the arts. Natyakalanjali  serves as a medium to offer oneself through the practice, study, and exploration of the arts and to enrich and serve the community through performances and demonstrations.

The Guru-Shisya relationship is given a major role in the transfer of knowledge. Knowledge of the arts is passed on without any dilution as handed over by generations. Natyakalanjlai follows the Kalashetra school of Bharatanatyam. Natyakalanajali imparts both the practical and theoretical knowledge of understanding of the arts.